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Colossal Concrete


Anticipating the acquisition of the infraset Brakpan and De Aar factories, Colossal has been engaging with various stakeholders in the wind tower renewable technology sector, with the aim for Colossal to secure orders for concrete wind tower production. De Aar is strategically located to service the huge demand for concrete towers in the region and thereby assist developers to reach their local supply targets. With the future upgraded factory in De Aar, Colossal will be well positioned to supply wind farm projects in the region, thus shortening routes and transport times, and therefore reducing logistics costs.

The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement (REIPPP) programme was launched in 2011, out of a need and desire to procure alternative sustainable energy - while simultaneously contributing to social and economic development in South Africa.


The need to diversify South Africa’s energy mix was conceived in the 1998 White Paper on Energy Policy in South Africa. The update in 2003 underlined the need for both diversification and cleaner energy sources, in line with South Africa’s commitments to the Paris Accord. After several years of policy proposals, analysis and engagement with the private sector, the 2010 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2010) was developed. This sets out various technology targets over a 20-year horizon to 2030.

The REIPPP programme, launched in 2011, effectively implements the vision of IRP 2010, with the target of producing 17 800 megawatts (MW) of electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030.

In addition to the supply of clean energy, the REIPPP programme is designed to contribute to various developmental objectives:







The REIPPP Programme:

  • is a locally honed plan designed to roll out a significant amount of power in a very short amount of time;

  • uses a transparent procurement and implementation framework, with key risks mitigated;

  • allows Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to submit competitive bids to design, develop and operate large-scale renewable energy power plants across South Africa;

  • is driven and overseen by the Independent Power Producer office

  • is cost neutral to Eskom, as the full costs associated with the renewable energy IPPs will ultimately be recovered from the users of that energy.

The IPP office measures and monitors the performance of each project against these objectives on an ongoing basis. When bids are assessed, price receives a 70% weighting and other development factors 30% (this weighting is updated each bid window). If the objectives are not met over time, the power purchase agreement(s) (PPA) could be terminated.

Colossal Concrete Products has engaged with various EPC (contractors) and other service and providers to explore the supply of precast concrete products to the various REIPPP projects being developed or which may be in a current planning phase in the Northern Cape.

The Colossal Concrete Products De Aar factory with its linked industrial storage facility is conveniently located to produce and supply various precast concrete products for use in Wind Farm and Solar Farm Projects.


The location and capabilities of the factory and technical team allow for the following benefits for customers :


  1. transport cost savings

  2. downstream job creation

  3. downstream social upliftment; and

  4. achieving economic transformation – Colossal Concrete Products is a level 2 BEE Company which is majority black female owned and managed.


Additional benefits in using our Factory :


  • It is Located 1km on the outskirts of De Aar Town

  • Has Access to a large local skilled workforce

  • It is Zoned for industrial and manufacturing use

  • There is over 11 hectares of surfaced storage space for the stockpiling of production

  • The Factory has sufficient space to expand or install additional production facilities or capabilities to meet the objectives of any project.

  • The site has Several Administrative buildings

  • The site is Fully secured and fenced with 24 hour manned security

  • The site is 5km from the well known De Aar Quarry with its highly rated raw material

  • Local amenities include hotels, restaurants, retail shops, schools, filling stations, housing, courts of law, a SAPS station, local municipal offices, a municipal airfield, a hospital and various local service providers such as doctors, lawyers, electricians.

  • There are Convenient transport nodes including various road and railway links providing convenient access to various surrounding nodes.

Colossal Concrete Products


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